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Hello! I’m Emma Martin, thanks for visiting my website.

With my debut novel Racy! having achieved five star reviews on Amazon and individuals likening the full bodied storyline to the writing style of the famous Jilly Cooper life has been really exciting since the initial launch.

I have really enjoyed meeting the readers at my book signings and book club reviews, and many readers I have met have compared the glamorous setting to that of Jackie Collins' LA based novels. Though I have been proud that readers have made the comparisons with such well-known novels and authors, in this instance, the glamorous settings and classy characters are as far away from L.A as you could possibly get. North Yorkshire, the County I was born and raised in, is where all the action transpires within Racy! A place, I feel, has as much, if not more magnetism and beauty than anywhere else in the world.

Having spent many hours writing the novel in the thick of the night whilst my young children snoozed their way under the comfort and warmth of their duvets, I look back and believe that the torture of sleep deprivation was worth it. I have so enjoyed writing this novel; it made me feel alive and much younger than my thirty six years of age!! On that note, taking the slogan of a well known supermarket, maybe the answer for all of us in the quest to staying young is to 'Sleep a little, live a lot!' Some of the characters within Racy! most certainly live by that motto!

Now is a great time to order your Christmas copy, either as a gift for someone special, or, for yourself. For a very limited period (until stocks last) we are offering a signed, gift wrapped copy of Racy! posted to your door, all for under £10.00.

Best wishes and I hope you enjoy the read!

Emma Martin.

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